Working for Techvisie

As a temporary worker, you do not enter into permanent employment with Techvisie. You are a flexible employee and will be assigned to various projects of a temporary nature. Our professional staff are subject to the NBBU CAO (Collective Agreement of the Dutch Association of Intermediary Organizations and Temporary Employment Agencies) and as such the NBBU phase system (relating to rights built up by a temporary employee). The ins and out of this phase system are explained under Downloads.

Fixed-term contract

When you have been working for us for some time to the satisfaction of both parties, you may be offered a fixed-term contract. This of course includes all corresponding benefits.

Terms and conditions of employment

In addition to a competitive salary, we also offer attractive employee benefits. For example, as a temporary worker, you accrue leave entitlements and holiday allowance and you will be on paid leave during public holidays. In addition, subject to requirement, we arrange for proper accommodation, free of charge, or you receive a travel allowance.

Tools and clothing

As a professional, you are in the possession of trademan’s tools, work clothing and safety shoes. If this is not provided by the customer, it is possible to obtain ‘larger’ tools (electric drill, cordless drills, cable reel, work light) on loan from us. These are of course professional tools that are inspected each year.

Training and education

We believe it is important that we assist our professional staff in obtaining the correct certificates. Not only because the customer so demands, but also to promote your personal development. For example, you can obtain your SCC and NEN3140 certificates through us, as well as your MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) certificate. In addition, if you are foreign and wish to be able to communicate on the shop floor, we offer a Dutch language course.

Bron: NBBU